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12-10-2012...It's no secret that Ron Paul was cheated out of the primaries and we were given the choice of a joker to the left (Obama) and a clown to the right (Mitt Romney) as a viable choice for the 2012 elections and Obama was once again appointed... Bad is coming and it will be followed up with mayhem! Stockpile food, water and ammo and shoot first then ask questions later! Please read the write-up below and then take action....
How to stop the tyranny dead in it's tracks.
The "illusion" of freedom is in your face!
If you click the link above, you will see a copy of the presidential oath of office. Take a minute and read it thoroughly or until you have a understanding of everything that it says. Now look at at the real world president and ask yourself this question. Does he hold true to the oath he took for office?
If you click the link above, you will see a copy of the duties
of the president of the United States. Once again take a
few minutes and read it thoroughly until you understand
all that it says. This is good "real world" information that
every American should read and understand.
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I included a few of my personal views in the link below. Feel free to check them out. Thanks.
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .........The New "Contract" for the individual states from Americans that are fed up with the tyranny......... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you choose to support ANYTHING that is passed down from ANY sitting president OR from the federal government that violates our natural God given rights as American citizens or if you choose to support or to endorse anything that outright violates our US Constitution, we will personally hold YOU responsible and we will hold emergency elections and immediately replace YOU with candidates that WILL be respectful of our rights as American citizens who will also uphold and honor the US Constitution! This is neither a Democratic nor a Republican thing! It's an AMERICAN thing so please do not go there! This is serious business and you need to address it as such if you value your government job. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are NOT the lords of the land nor is the president of the United States a KING. You are public servants that ran and got elected to a public office to run the country along with upholding the US Constitution and protecting the rights of Americans. You were not appointed to those positions for personal "business" gains. You can and will be replaced before your term is up if you try to thrust anything either unconstitutional or unlawful or unreasonable onto the American citizens! Once again, are there any questions? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As far as this path of self destruction the country has been taken on since the greed and "Big" money hijacked the ability for the average wage American to be heard we tell you this: If we want to relive 1930's Germany or if we want to relinquish our freedom and our rights as Americans, we'll go watch the history channel or we'll relocate and move to Russia or China. Until then, don't tread on our rights as American citizens! Is this clear enough to understand or do you require a more detailed explanation? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We realize that some states do not allow their candidates to be recalled or replaced before their term finishes out unless they either pass away or break a major law but here's the deal, Tyranny is Tyranny no matter how you try to sugar coat it and that alone is a basis for your immediate removal from office. This applies to the highest office in the land down to the local dog catcher! Once again, are there questions? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This harsh message ALSO applies to the Sheriffs of each city/county along with ALL police agencies. If they choose to enforce ANYTHING that is handed down to them from ANY sitting president OR from the federal government INCLUDING anything handed down from the local state representatives or even by the state Governor themselves, that is deemed unlawful or unconstitutional, they too can and will be replaced with others that WILL be respectful of the rights of the American citizens including honoring and upholding the US Constitution! Once again, this is serious business and it needs to be treated as such. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With that said, we are not out to destabilize the government as you and your colleagues have done a fine enough job doing this yourselves. This not about overthrowing our government nor is it about doing anything that can be considered or deemed unlawful, unconstitutional or that will destabilize America. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of The New "Contract" for the individual states from Americans that are fed up with the tyranny -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- let's get down to the fix. This is only a basic outline and it needs you AND your input to make it happen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the first-most things that needs to happen to actually put this into motion is, we must coordinate meetings with the Ron Paul rally organizers along with any others out there that may be interested so that the basic idea here can be focused to a clear resolve. After the way Ron Paul was treated and cheated by the media and by his own Republican party, I believe finding people will be a non-issue! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once the core people are on the same page and networked, we as individuals must take a look and evaluate all of these laws passed since 9/11 that appear to be unconstitutional along with any other recent possible violations to our US Constitution and after we evaluate "these laws in question" and determine what we personally feel are excessive or unlawful laws verses common sense reasoning for these laws, then we meet and discuss our findings among each other and we make a list. At this point we are over half way home! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now we are ready to start letting the cat out of the bag. Remember those rally organizers? They already have thousands of contacts and Facebook connections they made during the fake 2012 Republican primaries. They are now in a strategic position to spread this idea around and it WILL go viral because people are already mad and they are well aware they were lied to by their party and the "owned" media! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once people get wind of this, it will grow legs and take on a life of it's own and once it gathers enough steam so that the internet media along with the mainstream media starts to acknowledge this is out there, THEN we deliver our message and THEN we demand that these issues be addressed! This WILL work! Below is the message we deliver to all of our state representatives REGARDLESS of their party affiliation and this same message also applies to the state governor too. Imagine this happening on a state by state movement. Now imagine the real impact this will have with those sitting in office. They will listen! I am making it official. I am calling on the citizens of SC (My state) especially those that helped organize the Ron Paul rallies to put this idea into action along with others to start movements in their states ASAP because our time as a nation is running out and the only alternative is a civil war which I'm willing to bet that no American in their right mind wants to deal with. Our freedom and our rights are at stake! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------You can contact me through this website by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab.------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please visit my youtube channel at the following link: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------