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Do You Agree With This Write-Up?
The "illusion" of freedom is in your face!
If you click the link above, you will see a copy of the presidential oath of office. Take a minute and read it thoroughly or until you have a understanding of everything that it says. Now look at at the real world president and ask yourself this question. Does he hold true to the oath he took for office?
If you click the link above, you will see a copy of the duties
of the president of the United States. Once again take a
few minutes and read it thoroughly until you understand
all that it says. This is good "real world" information that
every American should read and understand.
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Some people that supported Ron Paul have tried to make the argument that Ron Paul's son Rand Paul decided to support Mitt Romney so he could work from the inside out to change the Republican party but here is the real truth whether you choose accept it or not. Both the Republican and the Democratic parties are "owned". All of our media is "owned". We are being lied to by our media on every level imaginable but people choose to turn a blind eye as long as they think that it does not effects them. Whether you supported Ron Paul or not is a non-issue now. You need to read the article I wrote below the dotted line as if your country, your freedom and your life depended on it. Take a long hard look around you! Our elected officials are not this stupid! Our economic downfall could have been avoided. If you open your eyes and just take the time to see, learn and understand how your elected officials vote on issues, it becomes painfully clear that our economic collapse was planned. There was a plan put into motion long ago that boils down to nothing more that a greedy power grab and the everyday American citizen was never a part of this plan. This can no longer be denied because the truth is in our face! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- People, what's done is done and we are stuck with these two "owned" shills from each party that we are being given as a viable choice for our next president. We cannot change what we have no say in! This means we need to approach this from another angle if we want to put a stop to the tyranny. First of all, the president is NOT a king. The federal government nor the president have ANY power to enforce rules or laws onto the citizens of this country if the states do not support them. The way to force the president's hand and to stop all of this tyranny at ALL governmental levels is to get a grass roots movement started on a state by state basis but people must get INVOLVED and that means YOU! Below is just one way it could be handled and I'm sure that others have valid ideas too. First, we take a look at and evaluate all of the laws passed since 9/11 that appear to be unconstitutional along with any other recent possible violations to our US Constitution and once we evaluate "these laws in question" and determine what is excessive or unlawful verses common sense reasoning, only then can we approach the state reps along with the state Governors. We give them the following message: "If you choose to support ANYTHING that is passed down from the president OR from the federal government that violates our natural God given rights as American citizens or if you choose to support or to endorse anything that outright violates our US Constitution, we will PERSONALLY hold YOU responsible and we WILL hold emergency elections and immediately replace YOU with candidates that WILL be respectful of our rights as American citizens who will also uphold and honor the US Constitution!" This is neither a Democratic nor a Republican thing so please do not go there! It's an AMERICAN thing. This is serious business and you need to address it as such if you value your government job. One more thing, forget the Tea Party or the Occupy movement. Although there are good honest people on both sides of the fence, both movements have been infiltrated and bastardized by the neocons along with the ultra left liberals. If they really care about their country, they can join OUR cause! A sure fire way to ruin the movement is to have people like the Glenn Beck's or the Bill Maher's speak for us! This ALSO applies to the Sheriffs of each city/county along with ALL police agencies. If they choose to enforce ANYTHING that is handed down from our president OR from the federal government INCLUDING anything handed down from the local state reps or even by the state Governor themselves, that is unlawful or unconstitutional, they too can be replaced with others that WILL be respectful of the rights of the American citizens including honoring and upholding the US Constitution! Once again, this is serious business and it needs to be treated as such. The message below is for any and all office holders on all levels of the government. You are NOT the lords of the land nor is the president of the United States a KING. You are public servants that were elected to office to run the country along with upholding the US Constitution. You were not appointed to those positions for personal gains. You can and will be replaced before your term is up if you try to thrust anything unlawful or unconstitutional onto the American people! Any questions? As far as this path of self destruction the country has been taken on since the greed and "Big" money hijacked the ability for the average wage American to be heard I will say this: If I want to relive 1930's Germany or if I want to relinquish my freedom and my rights as an American citizen, I'll go watch the history channel or I'll relocate and move to Russia. Until then, don't tread on me or my rights as an American citizen! Is this clear enough to understand? I realize that some states do not allow their candidates to be recalled or replaced before their term finishes out unless they either pass away or break major laws but here's the deal! Tyranny is Tyranny no matter how you try to sugar coat it and that alone is a basis for your immediate removal from office. This applies to the highest office in the land down to the local dog catcher! Any questions? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With that said, we do not need to destabilize the government as they have done a fine enough job doing this all by themselves. This not about overthrowing the government nor is it about doing anything that can be considered unlawful, unconstitutional, or that will hurt or destabilize America or it's citizens.. One sure way to launch this grass roots movement is to motivate the organizers that helped out with the Ron Paul movement (The ones that organized rallies etc) This needs to happen on a state by state movement to get people to meet and to discuss these issues so that a list of common sense demands can be constructed of what needs to be addressed followed with approaching the state governors INCLUDING our state reps so we can either start real discussions with them or worse case, put them on notice! We need to be armed with their voting records before approaching them so we can call them out on questionable issues they may have supported or voted on in their past for example,: Why did they trash the 4th amendment in the US constitution allowing police to search someone's property with unreasonable searches and seizures, along without requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause or why they have not stood up to the influx of illegal aliens or stood up to the companies that hire them or how about the double standards where a minority of those with wealth have a larger voice over the working class citizens? It's time people! It's time to look at voting records. If you agree with this write-up, pass it on to others because our time is running out and the only alternative is a civil war which I'm willing to bet that no American in their right mind wants to deal with.

12-10-2012...It's no secret that Ron Paul was cheated out of the primaries and we were given the choice of a joker to the left (Obama) and a clown to the right (Mitt Romney) as a viable choice for the 2012 elections and Obama was once again appointed... Bad is coming and it will be followed up with mayhem! Stockpile food, water and ammo and shoot first then ask questions later! Please read the write-up below and then take action....